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Llar d’Infants El Llimoner is situated in the right hand side of the “Eixample” in the district of Sant Martí, near the Sagrada Familia.
We occupy 600m2 of inside space and two playgrounds which total 500m2.
We have one classroom for P-0, three for P-1 and three for P-2.  We also have several multi-purpose rooms for activities with the children, a play area, a cafeteria for parents, a room with direct entrance from the street for leaving prams, pushchairs, etc., a kitchen, toilets and offices for administration and appointments with the doctor and the psychologist.



El Llimoner has a highly experienced team of education professionals and a methodology which guarantees the full integration of all the professionals in the team.
E ach of us brings what we know to the team and we all participate through a methodology which combines research and action.  We put our decisions into effect in the confidence that our projects are enriched by the collective decisions behind them.

This collective experience forms the culture of El Llimoner and provides a framework in which needs can be assessed.

The team consists of:

  • Specialist kindergarten teachers
  • Classroom assistants and support staff
  • Music specialist
  • English language specialist
  • Specialist in psychomotricity
  • Paediatrician
  • Kitchen and cleaning staff



The team includes a psychologist whose task is to help in the child’s development and with any difficulties that may arise in the child’s learning or socialization.
This involves, for example, individual observation of children in the classroom and the administration of maturity tests.
If the psychologist considers that it would be helpful, he will get in touch with the child’s tutors and will discuss possible courses of action with them.  He is also available for personal interviews on request.  During the school year he organizes Parents’ Workshops based on topics requested by the parents.  The workshops are normally organized around group work, with different groups of parents discussing concrete cases and enriching their own individual experience.



We have a paediatric service, whose fundamental aim is the prevention of children’s health problems.  The paediatric service advises the staff of El Llimoner and is also available for parents who wish to consult it on any health issues.
From November onwards, the paediatrician carries out medical checks and makes a clinical history report.  The parents’ authorization is necessary for this.
The service is also responsible for planning the menus to ensure that children are receiving a healthy, balanced diet appropriate to their age.  It is also responsible for planning alternative menus for children with allergies or food intolerance.




We have our own kitchen with its own trained staff.
All food is prepared fresh every day we never serve precooked food.
Parents receive a copy of the menus, which are prepared on a monthly basis by our paediatrician working with the support of the Barcelona Council and the regional government (Departament de Sanitat).
The food is of the highest quality, and is ecological where circumstances permit it.  No additives or flavour enhancers are used.
Samples of all the dishes are kept every day and are available for inspection by the health authorities.




School hours are from 09:00 to 17:00.
If families request it, a separate service is available outside normal school hours.  We take children from 07:00 to 09:00 in the morning and from 17:00 to 20:00 in the evening.  This service is available on a permanent basis or can be requested on specific occasions.




El Llimoner is open all year.  During school holidays we organize activities activities of various kinds.  These are available for the pupils, their brothers and sisters, ex-pupils and other children.  The children participate in games and other activities based on a specific centre of interest.