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Values and visions
Values and visionsValues and visionsValues and visionsValues and visionsValues and visions

Our values and visions have been at the centre of our motivation and teaching since we opened in 1981.  El Llimoner has always been an active school with an open, experimental mindset that is aimed at motivating children and helping them learn and fulfil their potential.

The school environment is one of encouragement and affection on our part and of growing confidence on the children’s part.

El Llimoner is apolitical and non-confessional.

The working language of the school is Catalan, with Spanish as a second language and English as a foreign language.

Our main aims are:

To favour the harmonious development of all the children in our care.  We respect the individuality of all children and we are conscious of the need to provide individual attention where necessary for children with different learning styles.

To encourage self-knowledge through the development of emotional education, emphasizing the children’s participation and autonomy through greater understanding of themselves and of others in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance.

El Llimoner also integrates children with special needs.


We select all our activities in accordance with our principles and we establish clear, concrete and if appropriate objectively measurable procedures in the classroom.

A coherent school project implies the ability to prioritise.  The teaching staff and outside specialists work together to try to establish what is important and urgent but also what is correct and viable.  We are aware that this implies working with the family and with the children in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


In the child’s interests it is fundamental to have fluid communication between the school and the family.  Only in this way can we work together to form the children’s personality, autonomy, sociability and above all their self-esteem.  All of this involves paying attention to their habits, sense of responsibility and tolerance to ensure that they mature physically and emotionally as individuals with a sense of their own abilities and their own worth.


We attach great importance to stimulating the children’s natural curiosity and to maintaining their motivation.  A warm and encouraging classroom atmosphere is essential, and an atmosphere in which encouragement is given and achievements are recognised and praise given.


Games are an important means of learning (by observation, manipulation or experimenting) we encourage the development of language skills, we identify and resolve a variety of potential problems and we see something of the children’s potential abilities.  By playing, children gain control over their activities and their social autonomy and they have the opportunity to dream and to build their own meanings.


To achieve aims as important as language skills and concepts, we always need active methods which are also interactive and aimed at integrating the children.  We give children the tools to express and investigate their own reality.



We are fortunate to live in a city that is rich in traditional cultural activities.  El LLimoner organizes events around the most important traditions of our cultural identity.